FYI, I have found two bugs in Designer (402AU4) which annoy the hell
out of me lately.
Here they are:

Bug One - PRD loses sync with E-Mail Templates after editing in-use templates

* Create a PRD with a Notification Template selected in an approval
task or email activity
* Deploy
* Change the Notification Template
* Deploy
* Edit the PRD and go to the Email Notification tab
* Designer will tell you "Default E-Mail notification templates do not
exist for the current project. Use the Default Notification Collection
menu options (in the Modeler's Outline view) to add them."
* Restart Designer
* Everything's fine now

Bug Two - DAL Calculated attribute validation checks unnecessarily for
fixed text in expression

* Create a DAL Calculated attribute on an Entity in the DAL
* Use 'myconstant'; as the ECMA expression
* Click Check Syntax - it will tell you "Expression is syntactically valid"
* Save and deploy, you will get a validation error
* Run the Project Checker - it will tell you "The calculated attribute
requires an expression"
* Edit the expression to now read
// attr.getValue("a")
* Save and deploy
* It works, there is a check on the presence of attr.getValue()

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