Hi there,

i have some question about manage my tasks in HPD by using multiple
approval or mutliple deny for requests.

lets have a look at the documentation: http://tinyurl.com/kpxt3la

For a more complex request that requires detailed information, the
Provisioning Dashboard *does not display a checkbox*. You must approve
or deny those requests by selecting each request and
following Step 3.a through Step 3.c above.

When you select a more complex request to approve or deny, the Dashboard
may need to open the request form in a separate browser tab.

now my question:

how can the HPD find out, whether the request (approval) is complex. In
my requests i have detailed information and they are required. But every
user has an checkbox for multiple approve. So when some user use this
option the requests fail because some detail information are lost.

Are there any "switch" to configure an approval to "complex"? Or some
"switch" to "enable" or "disable" an approval for multiple approval?

Best regards Thomas

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