Started to move some workflows from an old 4.02 installation that works
nicely in production to an Test system with the new HPD .

I started out with cleaning out the forms from scripts and attributes
not needed for this exercise, deployed and tried it.

Then I got into the same error as others before me, date picker is

I have seen two questions about the problem (in the same thread) but no

I do this in an onload event on a date field:

var s = new Date().getTime();
form.setValues("enabledate",form.dateToString(new Date(s), true));

Any suggestions on how to change this code to working?


In the other thread this was the question, same error:


If I try to set a date in the datepicker field with this code from the
402 documentation:

form.dateToString(date, include-time)
Converts a date to a string that can be stored in the DatePicker, for
var d = form.dateToString(new Date(), true);
form.setValues("hireDate", d);

I get the error:

Reason for request: An error 'TypeError: b.match is not a function' was
encountered while executing the script ' var d = form.dateToString(new
Date(), true); form.setValues("datumveld", d); '
Unrecoverable error during asynchronous call (b.match is not a

Shown in Firefox.

Got no idea how the set a date in the datepickerfield in the HPD release
(it looks like a jquery datepicker ?)

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