I'm trying to find a way to stage the steps of a workflow. I need what is
almost an approval step, but without intervention.

I have a PRD created to swap an attribute value (email alias) between two
eDirectory objects. It's a simple no-approval flow like:

Entity Activity: Delete Initiator Email Alias
Entity Activity: Delete Other Email Alias
Entity Activity: Add Initiator Email Alias
Entity Activity: Add Other Email Alias

This works, no problems there.

The problem is that I'm then passing these changes to a second system
(GroupWise) where the (email alias) value is required to be unique,
system wide. I'm finding that the changes when sent off to GW are not
necessarily working, some are being rejected by GW with an error
indicating that the added value is not unique. (I suspect a race
condition between #2 and #3 here.)

I'm thinking what I need to do is track the event status from GW and only
allow Step 3 there to proceed once GW has replied with "success" to Steps
1 and 2. Assume for the moment that I can get the GW event status and put
it somewhere, most likely an attribute on the eDirectory object.

I've considered using a Condition activity, looking for an attribute
value on each of the affected objects. "No" branch loops around to make
it try again. "Yes" branch continues with the next step. My concern here
is that there's no way to slow this loop down, so it's going to run as
quickly as possible, and is going to potentially hammer the performance
of the UA and the eDir server that it's querying against.

I've considered using an Approval activity, with a timeout / default
approval, as a sort of "sleep" to slow the loop down.

I've also considered just using an Approval activity, and using a REST
call to approve it when the status echo back from GW is available. I
can't quite decide if that's elegant or clunky. It seems overly

Any other ideas?

David Gersic dgersic_@_niu.edu
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