Identity Manager 4.0.2 AE RBPM/Jboss/OracleDb


When we trigger the requestResourceGrant resource webservice api for a
given resource, we get back a "CorrelationId".

The Approver then gets a form with a "Comment" form field on it. The
approver then types in some important information into Comments area and
Approves the Resource.

I need to get that comment information form the workflow system by
giving the "CorrelationId" that i got at first request.

How is it possible from the webservice api, any method or api that i can

As a workflow administrator, I can see those comments from the iManager
Workflow Adminstration. But in that RequestID is something different
then the "CorrelationId" that I have from the requestResourceGrant.

Any hints on that?


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