After loading HPD, the DAL functionality has slightly changed. In the
past, to get an attribute to show up in a search control in a workflow
or the search portlet (IE DNLookup or mveditor etc) you would check the
"Search" box and "Required" box for the attribute in the given entity.
The fields would then show up in the attribute selector of the query as
well as in the table of the result set. If an entry didn't have a value
in one of the fields in the result set it would just come back with
blank values for the given attribute.

After loading the HPD, if there is an entry that has no value in any of
the search attributes, an ugly non comprehensible error is returned when
you do the query. If you un-check the required setting for the
attribute with the blank value in the result set, it works fine except
that the attribute doesn't show up in the available attributes to search

This is extremely hampering and different than what has been in the
past. I know the argument can be made that the value was set to be
required. Fine. But why do I have to mark it to be required just to
show up in the search control? Why can't I mark it simply with "Search"
and have it show up. This will cause big issues with past

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