Hi All,
I've been searching the forums now trying to get the bits that i need
to accomplish the task of converting the GUID Value returned to me by
IDVault.get() function in a Mapping activity to the equivalent base64
encoded string that one would typically get by doing a Source Attribute
for GUID from the driver. To be clear, Im trying to convert a GUID like
this: "�� ��(O���
��" to something that looks like this:
"l7cgyn/7KE8clpe3IMp/+w==". Ive seen posts about going from Base64 to
hex but that doesn't seem to help me here since I'm trying to go the
other direction.

Base64 encoding the GUID as its provided by the Workflow's
IDVault.get() function results in a string that looks like this:

I noticed that using Apache Directory Studio's Export functionality I
could export the object, including the GUID, and i get back the desired
base64 encoded string. With this in mind i attempted to query LDAP from
my workflow and to read out the GUID but that resulted was the same as
using the IDVault.get().

Im looking for any help or guidance in converting "��
��(O��� ��" to
"l7cgyn/7KE8clpe3IMp/+w==". Is this even possible?


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