I was trying to configure Entitlements in AD Driver. This is a freash
installation. Is per my knowledge for entitlements I do not need to
change default settings. I can see the default entitlements from
iManager. But I am not able to see entitlements from user application
while trying to assign entitlements to any resource. I have tried
refresh entitlement query in user app and flush cache. I am geting this
error all the time:

Error: No Entitlements were found. You either do not have permission to bind to entitlements or have not configured entitlements for resource mapping. Please see documentation for further details.

I am using IDM 402. Preiously in IDM 401 there was entitlement
configuration files in drivers, where from we could config for
entitlements. But currently I am not able to find something like that.
How can I solve this?

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