Having updated idm from 401(something) to 402d

There were some errors updating the tables during the process. Perhaps the
401 reporting database missed some tables or columns and that sort of
stuff, and as a result of this, the 402 installer, and additional patch
instructions did not quite work for me (in relation to the reporting part)

I get errors like:
An error was detected while running report 'Novell-Identity-Manager_IDV-
User-Identity-Report-Current-State_6.1r1': Error executing SQL statement
for : TemplateReport. ERROR: relation "idm_rpt_cfg.idmrpt_rpt_driver_v"
does not exist

Anyway, I have the feeling, that now would be a nice time to start the
reporting DB all over, a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning.

The question(s) is(are):

How Do I do that.

I have reporting installed on same machine as the userapp.

I suppose I would have to

1) Delete MGW and DCS drivers from the IDV.
2) Uninstall Reporting (by executing "Uninstall Identity Reporting" from
the "IdentityReporting/Uninstall Identity Reporting" directory.
3) Uninstall Event Auditing Service, by executing that from the eas
uninstall directory

4) Now, then I think that we may have a database lingering somewhere.
That should probably be dropped.

5) When reinstalling reporting, and repatching reporting. Should I start
the UA between the install, and before the patches is applied, or wait
until the patching is fully done?

6) And then, I should probably deploy new dcs and mgw drivers.

Did I miss anything?