Yeah, I know, old and not supported, but I'm asking anyway:

IDM 3.6.1 User App (non RBPM)

We have NetIQ Access Manager setup to SSO into UserApp via the SAML and
Identity Injection method.

However, on the userapp server.log, when people try to login, I"m

2014-02-26 14:51:12,181 INFO [STDOUT:write] Sending assertion
2014-02-26 14:51:15,213 ERROR [com.novell.common.auth.JAASManager:login] Login failed for user: kjhurni


Originally I thought this may be because we had renewed our NAM SSL
certs, so I deleted the NMAS affiliate responsible, and had NAM
re-create it.

But that didn't seem to fix it.

Any ideas?

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