I obviously have done something wrong.

Installed RBPM 4.0.2 from IDM 4.0.2 SE first and missed it was SE so I
then uninstalled it and installed from AE.
Postgres is running.
But when starting jboss all I get is this in the log:
/opt/novell/idm/start-jboss.sh: line 21:
/opt/novell/idm/jboss-5.1.0.GA/bin/run.sh: Permission denied
/opt/novell/idm/start-jboss.sh: line 21: exec:
/opt/novell/idm/jboss-5.1.0.GA/bin/run.sh: cannot execute: Permission

I have used the conveniance installer and installed on SLES11 sp3, using
eDir 888.1.1 and IDM

Any suggestions? Should I uninstall one more time? After the uninstall I
also renamed the old jboss and postgred folders to make sute I did not
have any old files in there.


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