I am trying to create a customized challenge response enrollment page.
I need this to allow for users to select 3 questions from a larger
subset and enroll just the three. To do this, I am implementing the
policy to require 3 user defined questions, then creating a page that
leverages the REST API to do the enrollment. I am able to get all of
that working fine. Where I am stuck is the REST API requiring
authentication. The user has already logged into user application at
this point in time, but I do not know how to get the credential or REST
Token in order to successfully authenticate the REST call. The idea is
to have this page reside within the user application. If so, how can I
programmatically get something that will satisfy the authentication
requirement for the REST (or SOAP) API? Obviously, the current
implementation is already doing this, I just do not know how.

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