IDm 4.02 Patch D, HPD installed running on Jboss on SLES 11SP1.

Need to expand the options in Detail Portlet, used in My Profile in UA
(even same in HPD at the moment).

So I followed the docs at:

Which are not quite correct, since they do not actually tell you how to
get to the screens they show. The details of that are somewhat tricky...
Login as User App Admin
Administration Tab
Portlet Admin tab
Expand IDMProv, expand Detail, click on Detail
Preferences tab
middle of the page, is a View/Edit Custom Preferences link
Chose a locale
Then you get to the Detail Complex preferences and the page in IDM 4.02
Patch D with HPD installed does not look like the screen shot.

I added in telephone number as an editable field, saved Preferences,
flushed cache in UA Admin (just in case) but it is not showing the
change. Does this take a UA app restart to take affect?