Working through a new HPD installation I had gottet to the part of
updating postgres and got a few errors in the log.
Apparently I had missed one line in the for th java
update, next time I will move the old one and replace it with the new.

But I still got errors, looking at them it was related to the ds and
strange drivers and context.
So I run the config-update and it is filled with a Novell test
environment, where does that come from?

Also I have not yet configured sso, that's the next step. And I do not
have ou=sa,o=data.
I sort all container and other config on the first page but it will not
let me save it because ou=sa,o=data does not exist. That is referenced
on the second page called Authentication and that is grayed out for now.

Creating the structure just renders another problem, 'OAth keystore
file' does not reference a readable or writable file.

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