Hi ,

I have a requirement, where I need to use a custom attribute say SSN
(Social Security Number) which will be part of user class. Now I need to
save the value in that attribute as encrypted value in EDirectory.
And I have to insert the value from PRDs (Cutom PRD for user creation).
After setting the value, I need to pass that attribute's value to my
target application , through driver policies. I hope, to flow that
attribute through driver, somewhere I need to decrypt it also .

So , can you suggest me how to achieve below functionality in novell IDM
keeping the above scenario in mind.

1. Creation of an attribute which will contain encrypted value.
2. Setting the value to that attribute from PRD. In PRD admin will give
the value as clear text. After submission it will save the value as
3. Now need to flow that attribute in target application . (So possibly
have to decrypt again).

Please suggest me on this. Any type of help will be highly appreciated


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