Hi all,

it seems to me that setting the value for a date field (shown using a
datepicker control) through javascript is broken in UA 402D with HPD.
I have a date field with an onchange event executing this code:

function eventFormOnchangeStartdate( field )
if ( field.getValue() != "" )
var now = new Date();
var start = attrFormGetDate( field.getValue() );
if ( ! ( now <= start ) )
form.alert( "Start should be today or later");
field.setValues( global.form.dateToString( now ) );

In this function, "now" is a javascript Date() object returned from
attrFormGetDate() (verified working).
What happens is that the value is correctly set in the date field,
however then an error message is displayed:

Start date: An error 'TypeError: b.match is not a function' was
encountered while executing the script 'eventFormOnchangeStartdate(
field )'

According to the manual here:

this should just work.

Can anyone try this in their UA versions and confirm the bug?

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