Using a ECMAScript in a DALCalculatedAttribute to insert a HTML link in
detail portlet of the userapp. Here is an example of what the script
looks like:

"<a href='http://xxxxxxx/SampleURL.html'>Click here for sample

Just a plain string containing HTML. This was working before our upgrade
last weekend. Now the text in the string is being escaped so the < sign
is being converted to a &lt; and the > sign to a &gt; so the browser
treats it as a display character instead of HTML code so instead of a
link on the page I see the HTML link code instead. Is there anyway in
the ECMAScript or designer option to tell it not to escape the
characters in the string? Here are the version numbers we upgraded to:

Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.2A
Build Revision 41320

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