I'm having a strange problem. Suddenly the IRF filter on the ResourceDef
container is not working anymore.

I have a situation in which i need to hide some resources for some
users. So what i've done:
- Set an IRF on the resourceDef container and make sure the browse is
- Dynamic group for the special group of people that can see all
- ACLs on the resource objects: Dynamic group on some of them, OU=People
on the other resources

People that may see all resources are in the dynamic group and also in
ou=people so they see everything (both ACL's are met). People that only
need to see a subset are in OU=People and not in the dynamic group so
they only see the resources that have the OU=people as ACL.

This has been working perfectly for months. Problem is that every
employee can suddenly see all resources. IRF is still there, ACL's are
still there. The same situation is still working in DEV. I've tried to
remove the IRF and re-set it but no success. Any ideas on this ?

UA 4.0.2 Patch D
eDir 8.8.7 patch 4 inc hotfix
iManager 2.7.7

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