I have HPD installed and working correctly. When I installed it I set it
up using the IP address for the IDV/HPD server.
I wanted to change the config to use the DNS name instead.
I ran configupdate and replaced all of the IP addresses with the DNS

Now when I authenticate to HPD (http://-dnsname-:8180/landing/) it
redirects me to a One SSO Platform Select a Trusted Service Provider
screen (http://-dnsname-:8180/osp/a/idm/auth/app?sid=0) instead of
taking me to IDM home landing page as it originally did.

If I then try to go to another URL directly... example the Userapp
directly (http://-dnsname-:8180/IDMProv/) it will work and take me
there. From there I can select the home icon and it will take me to the
IDM home landing page and work from there.

What am I missing?

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