Need some help here.

I have difficulties getting a custom entitlement on the AD driver
recognized by the UA.

I can't get it to appear when trying to assign the entitlement to a
resource. The refresh in RBMP can't do anything since I can't get my
entitlement to show up in the EntitlementConfiguration object.

My entitlement is named ADHomeDirectory.

Steps taken:

1) Create new entitlement in Designer:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE entitlement PUBLIC
"C:\netiq\Designer402\plugins\com.novell.idm.entit lements_4.0.0.201206110753\DTD\dirxmlentitlements. dtd"><entitlement
conflict-resolution="priority" description="Path to home directory in
AD" display-name="ADHomeDirectory">
<values multi-valued="false"/>

2) Deploy entitlement to IDV.

3) Restart AD driver.

4) Check EntitlementConfiguration object, no it doesn't show up here. I
was under the impression that
NOVLADENTEX-Startup-InitEntitlementConfigurationResource is supposed to
update the EntitlementConfiguration object?

5) Try to edit the EntitlmentConfiguration object manually. Should this
really be required? Add following and deploy:

<entitlement data-collection="true"
dn="cn=ADHomeDirectory,cn=AD,cn=DriverSet,o=System "
parameter-format="idm4" resource-mapping="true" role-mapping="true">
<type category="other account" id="homeDirectory" name="homeDirectory">

<value langCode="en">Home Directory</value>

6) Restart AD driver.

7) Check EntitlementConfiguration object, it deleted my custom
entitlement from the XML.

8) Try to add this to L10N_en:

<col>Home Directory</col>

9) Restart AD driver.

What step am I missing?

Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.2 Patch D
Build Revision 41026
AD driver is the latest available with the Permission Collection and
Reconciliation packages.