I am trying to create a custome report. I need to deploy the custom
report in IDMRPT.
As discribed in Novell documentation I used the reportpkg.jar to create
a report.
Opened the TemplateReport.jrxml in iReport and edited that. I am new in
creating custom report and iReport.
As much I understand, I changed the SQL query to a simple one with two
fields. This will select first name and last name from
idm_rpt_cfg.idmrpt_identity_v and show in two fields firstName and

I simply saved the modifications in iReport. Then used the reportpkg.jar
to build the report and deploy it in IDMRPT. It was good. No exception.
When I run the report from IDMRPT I got the status red. I checked the
JBoss log. According to that, TemplateReport.jasper was missing in the
..rpz archive file. I think while building the report using
reportpkg.jar, it's creating the .rpz file. There might be exceptions
occured while building TemplateReport.jrxml file. As a result archive
file .rpz not created. So I tried the following.

I tried to check for exceptions. So I compiled the report in iReport.
Got lots of error. Then I cleaned the report, removed all existing
fields from it. Only kept my two fields. And also deleted existing
fields. Most of the parameters are default. As I understood, those are
not removable. But I could remove some of those.
This resolved the exceptions. But could not show the preview in iReport.
I build and deployed that in IDMRPT. This time there was no exception
details in JBoss log.

Next thing I did, Create a new report in iReport. I used the same SQL
query and two fields. It showed the preview. There was no exception. It
created one .rpz file. I deployed it in IDMRPT, then run it from IDMRPT.
This had the same result. No detailed exception in JBoss log.

I found a post by jacmarpet similar to this problem :

According to Norbert Klasen in the thread:
> to make the preview work in iReport:
> - Download the "Template" report .rpz file und unpack it to a folder
> - add that folder to iReport's classpath
> - add chartcustomizer.jar (the report scriptlet) to iReport's classpath

How to unzip a .rpz file? I could not find a possible solution for this.
Where can I find the jar?

Please help.

Raktim Banerjee

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