I have install and configure HPD with HTTP defaut 8180 port and it works
great (default JBOSS and Postgres on SLES11 SP2).
Then I have configure SSL on JBOSS on port 8143 and it works too.
But if I try to change HTTPS to the default port 443 then HPD login page
is load but I can't login (it looks like the login page is not post).
I have configure HPD URL in aquamarine.conf with the following form
"https\:my.server.com/..." because if I use
"https\:my.server.com:443/..." the web browser trnsform it automaticly
to "https\:my.server.com/..." and then URL doesn't match I and get an
error (One SSO Platform Version 4.5.0 An error description was not

So it looks like HPD doens't like when HTTPS port is not defined in the
URL... Maybe a bug ?

So my question is someone have successfully set up HPD with HTTPS on
port 443 ? (If yes I'm interested by your aquamarine.conf and your user
app driver configuration)

Thanks for your help !

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