NetIQ IDM 4.0.2 AE


i'm triggering requestResourceGrantRequest SOAP api calls from an
external application using a dedicated idm system account. The request
part includes the two parameters

requester ; cN=user1,ou=accounts,o=demo
userTarger; cN=user1,ou=accounts,o=demo

in my case, values of the both parameters should be the, but the
webservice call itself is being invoked by a dedicated iDM system admin
account. the draw back of this solution is that we need to login with
the dedicated idm system account to see "status" of the requests for the

Is it possible so that we can trigger all the requestResourceGrant soap
api calls using the same idm system dedicated account but from the
userapp ui, we can see the resource request status by the user itself
not by the idm dedicated system user?


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