Hello everyone.

We do have a custom theme for the UserApp.
There are class part which I customized :
- nv-headerLogoPrimary
- nv-headerLogoSecondary
- nv-headerFiller

This theme apply to most of the page of the user app, except few. I'd
like to apply this theme to them.

I listed the url of the page I'd like to customize :
- IDMProv/jsps/pwdmgt/ForgotPassword.jsp
- IDMProv/forgotUser.do
- IDMProv/forgotChaRes.do
- IDMProv/forgotChgPwd.do
- IDMProv/postAuth.do

These pages are the challenge Q/A for lost password and the init Q/A
during first login.

Any way to do this ?

Thanks in advance,


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