Well, it seems that rra is not using the custom.css like landing and
dash do?

From my point of view
- locales always should be loaded from
/IDMProv/lib/[UserAppStrings_{xx}, dash-strings_{xx},
landing-strings_{xx}, rra-strings_{xx}], etc. Also a unique naming
schema would be nice (UserAppStrings vs. dash-strings)
- there are better places for the custom css files than the
home-directory, i.e. /IDMProv/conf/styles, nevertheless the custom.css
should be used from every module, including rra
- landing, dash and rra should run a custom js, which gives us the
option, to reformat the pages finally, not everything can be done with
the css files

HPD & rra look nice, follow good ideas, BUT loose on the last 15 percent
as of sloppy implementation, beginning from very phantastic
interpretation of foreign languages like German (NetIQ is using very
mindless translations) up to inconsequent usage of layer-id's (different
content in landing and dash, but similar layer-id's, which makes
configuration using the custom.css sometimes impossible) finals in
different ways to build up the pages (rra is NOT using custom.css, where
landing and dash do) and different naming schemas (HPD, landing, dash,
rra, IDMProv -> why not all using the same notations???), wheras the
implementation of a custom js, which would allow much more
customizations using jquery-ui, is missing completely. The SSO
implementation is adventurous, as nobody seems to really know, how it

Any ideas, how to get the PM get to a better quality of the product(s)?


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