Hi Guys,

Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.1 Patch C
Build Revision 38774

Is there anyway I would be able to modify our workflow to report about
the user creation failure in AD?
Or does UA have any such built in feature to allow admins to know that
if the user was successfully created in the connected system?

As IDM involves a lot of connected systems and applications, would then
this error reporting not fall under the territory of UA then?
The other option I was thinking about was modifying the driver of any
such action, but, it may increase the number of queries from the driver
to connected system?

Has anyone before done such kind of error reporting?
Any ideas or pointers?
Or is there any separate application which takes care of running
workflows as well as let's the admin know about the status of the user
in the connected system?


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