In Make a Request, Featured Items, all users are seeing all categories,
workflows and roles I set up, even though they are not trustees of the
individual workflows or roles. In the regular UA, I could easily fix
this by restricting who sees Work Dashboard and Roles And Resources
tabs. In Home, the only fix I have found is to set an explicit trustee
assignment in eDirectory for Root with no rights or set an Inheritance
Filter at RequestDefs.AppConfig.UserApplication.DriverSet. That blocks
them from seeing all PRDs except for those that they are explicitly a
trustee. Same thing for Roles, I have to block permissions to RoleDefs
and use Designer to set them as a trustee of the individual Role.

This is a fresh, new test environment with no customizations to
eDirectory. In production, I have a blocking permission for Root at
AppConfig but don't remember if I got that from these forums, a
consultant or just my own experimentation. Is this how others are
limiting access to workflows and roles/resources?

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