NetIQ IDM 4.0.2 AE Userapp / Jboss / Oracle /Linux (New server)
Novell IDM 3.5.1 Provisioning Module /Jboss /Oracle / Linux (Old

We have two IDM systems and two UserApp solutions in our environment.

The new Userapp driver is running on the IDM 4.0.2 Server and the Old
userapp driver is running on the IDM 3.5.1 in same driverset but on
different servers(IDM3.5.1).

We want to end/uninstall with old server which is running IDM 3.5.1
software but want to keep IDM UserApp 3.5.1 due to some business
requirements. We have some old legacy forms(PRDs) which are still in
production which we do not want to move out from the old userapp to the
new one. (mainly because of cost of migration of those forms and
re-configure them on the new userapp)

I have disabled the old userapp driver om the old IDM server 3.5.1 and
have toggled that on to new IDM server (4.0.2) and have set "Disabled"
there too.
I have also changed the Identity Vault IP on old IDM 3.5.1 Userapp
(configupdate) which points to now new IDM 4.0.2 servers.

I have this setup running in the production over a week now . But i'm
not sure if this will cause any problems to my environment in future
after uninstalling completely IDM 3.5.1 Server??

#The only thing that I could think of is attribute
"DirXML-EntitlementResult" which will not be purged automatically from
the user because of entitlement is being managed by Old IDM userapp
3.5.1 agent. and IDM userapp old driver is disabled on the New IDM

#The other things might be IDM UserApp 3.5.1 Cache Refresh would not
work may be?

The question is that,

1. Can i keep my solution according to this or do we have to stick with
IDM 3.5.1 server until we have to use old IDM 3.5.1 userapp???
2. What problems could be appear if keep my environment as i have
described above?
3. If attribute DirXML-EntitlementResult is not removed automatically,
can i write dirxml policy to clear this attribute from within loopback
driver?? , if not what are the consequences of not removing
DirXML-EntitlementResult attribute?

4. Can i Enable old userapp driver on new idm server? Will it go fine?

I hope to get some views from NetIQ IDM expers here



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