I've been testing migrating all of the tree to the EAS-database provided
by the Identity Reporting module in 4.02AE (patch C). In our test
environments this isn't an issue at all. But when moving to production
and migrating the top-node from the tree on the DCSDriver the file
DCSDriver_XXXXXXXXX-XXX-XXX-XXXXXXXX.db under the dib directory had
grown to 6 GB the following day (the size of the dib is almost the
same). The cache file for the DCSDriver was still processing events
until the whole disk was filled and the driver went into cache-overflow
Why is the DCSDriver_XXXXXXXXX-XXX-XXX-XXXXXXXX.db growing so much (in
test the file is about 400 Megs with almost the same amount information
in the tree)? What can be done to speed-up the process or to control the
growth of the db-file?


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