Hi, I have to get a list of pending approvals by a given user. I tried
with Java API using the 'getWorkEntries' (http://tinyurl.com/mydp5s4)
method with the Addressee filter: e.g.


T_WorkEntryQueryChoice[] workEntryqueryChoice = new T_WorkEntryQueryChoice[1];
workEntryqueryChoice[0] = new T_WorkEntryQueryChoice();
T_WorkEntryQuery query = new T_WorkEntryQuery(T_Logic.AND, T_WorkEntryOrder.CREATION, workEntryqueryChoice);
WorkEntryArray workEntryArray = prov.getWorkEntries(query, -1);


The problem is that it returns only items assigned directly to the user
(3 wfs). Accessing by the userapp portal I can see up to 15 wfs. The
main difference is that the other 12 wfs are assigned to roles not

How can I get the full list ?

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