I have a dependant dropdown in a PRD. In the first a number of
categories are listed, the second retrieves a number of groups from
eDirectory depending on the category. In itself this is working.

Besides showing the groups, some test in the group name needs to be
replaced. For example, 'FS-' needs to be removed. The code for this is
below. The problem is, that it is working for a few seconds. The groups
are shown without 'FS-', however after a few seconds the complete group
name is shown. Does anybody have an idea what could cause this?

// Global query to get all groups which match the category
var groups = IDVault.globalQuery(null, "getFileGroups",

// Create a single array from the groups with the dn
var allGroupsDn = new Array();

var allGroupsCn = new Array();
for (var i = 0; i < groups[0].length; i++) {

// Get the dn and cn of the group
var dn = groups[0][i].toString();
var cn = groups[1][i].toString();

// Verwijder FS- en -LIST uit de namen
cn = cn.replace("FS-","");
cn = cn.replace("-Read"," (read)");
cn = cn.replace("-Change"," (write)");

// Place the dn and cn in the array
allGroupsDn[i] = dn;
allGroupsCn[i] = cn;


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