I have few doubts in the below scenario. Please clarify.


I have Roles from R1,R2,R3.....R10.
Roles ---- OwnerGroup--- Members in Owner Group

R1---- RoleOwnGrp1-----A,B,C
R2 --- RoleOwnGrp1----- D,E,F
R3 --- RoleOwnGrp1-----G,H.I
R4 --- RoleOwnGrp1-----J,K,L

If a end user is requesting for Role1 then it will go to the
RoleOwnGrp1,(A,B,C) anyone can approve and the requested Role will be

End user is requesting for two Roles say R1,R2. Here the Roles R1 and
R2 has two different Role Owner Grps.

Q --1. Is it possible that the request will be submitted for two
Role Owner groups?
Q-- 2. If yes. How is it possible?
Q-- 3. If the Request goes to two Role Owner groups and in case A
or B or C approves "R1" and D or E or F
rejects "R2", what will happen? Will the Role R1 will be

The above question is raised as we have 1000+ roles where they have
different Roles Owners and the possibility is that the end user may
request for multiple rows in one request which has to be approved by
multiple Role Owners.


We have Roles R1, R2 , R3 ... R10 and all these Roles will be going to
only one RoleOwnerGroup(x,y,z) for approval.
and for R1 in the Role Catalog we have mentioned the Approval as
Required and mentioned as User "P" as Quorum(100%).

Now the end user raise request for Role R1 and R2 where it goes to
RoleOwnerGroup (X,Y,Z) and Roles R1 and R2 approved by one of them.The
user gets the Role R2 where R1 is still in pending state and the request
didnt went to User "P".

Q... What steps need to be done in order to get the Role R1?

Kindly advise.

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