We have IDM 4.0.2 setup on Windows 2008 platform. We have different
workflows (PRDs) in our environment.


1. Request for AD Groupse - Trustee (all users - user
2. Request for AD Share Access - Trustee (all users - user
3. Reset password - Trustee (IAM Admins -

The reset password is visible only for the members of IAM Admins

The above works perfect. We have also implemented on behalf request
using team configurations.

1. Team1 All Access - permission given to PRD1 & PRD2
2. Team2-Pwd reset - Permission given only to PRD3 (Reset password)

The above settings works fine for end users not part of IAM Admins

Issue No: #1

When the user belongs to IAM Admin group, logs into application he can
see 2 teams (Team 1 All access & Team 2 pwd reset). Its ok.

But when he clicks on any of the teams, and selects all category, it
displays all the PRDs irrespective of Team selected and PRD

Ex: If user selects 'Team2-Pwd Reset', clicks all category, it shows all
3 PRDs. But as per team configuration, the expected behaviour should be,
it should display only the Reset password PRD.

Please help to resolve the issue.

Issue No: #2

As we have configured team configurations, we could see 'Administration'
tab is visible for the end users which displays the Team settings only.
We want to make it hide for the end users. Is that possible? Becuase I
have read in another forum posts, its a default behaviour. Can this be
changed to hide the tab?
Ref: http://tinyurl.com/phezhpu

Issue No:#3

In the 'settings' --> team settings -->>>

we want to hide 'Team Availability' , 'Team Delegate Assignments'

Please help us how these can be resolved and achieved.

Thanks in Advance.

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