Need a little guidance.

The form has a TrueFalseCheckBox that we would like to be YES or NO.

in the onload event for the TrueFalseCheckBox field I have:
form.setValues("TIPS_YES_NO", [ "YES", "NO" ], [ "YES","NO" ])"TIPS_YES_NO", [ "YES" ]);

And that works good.

In the workflow I have a Condition activity
(function (){"TIPS SELECTED: "
if (flowdata.get('start/request_form/TIPS_YES_NO') == 'YES' ) {
return true;
} else return false;

the printing of the TIPS_YES_NO value is showing as "false" regardless
of what I choose. What am I not getting about this? I would have
thought it would be YES or NO.


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