We are running
RedHat Linux 64bit version 5.10
IDM and RBPM 4.0.2 Advance Edition
JBOSS 5.1.2
MySQL 5.1.26-rc
java version "1.6.0_34"

We are only using UserApp for password self service functions and
eDirectory user account lookups. We are having issues where the site is
up and user lookups can be performed, but when a user enters credentials
and attempts to login, the site just hangs. There is no error message
displayed to the user, other than the general http timeout message after
a few minutes. There is no consistency in when this happens, it could
happen 3 days from a restart or it could be 2 weeks. The information
below details what I am seeing when this happens.

-There is no error in the
-The max concurrent sessions is currently set at 1000 with a 3 minute
time out, and based on the jboss reporting web interface, this threshold
is not being met
-The jboss reporting web interface is showing alot of connections with a
status of 'S', when this problem is happening
-All users and all browsers experience the same problem

The only I have found to fix the problem is to perform a restart of the
userapp, jboss and mysql, which was done 2 days ago and currently my
JBOSS statistics are as follows:
Max threads: 1000
Current thread count: 23
Current thread busy: 11
Max processing time: 15436ms
Processing time: 2370.584s
Request count: 27670
Error count: 568
Bytes received: 0.24MB
Bytes sent: 495.41MB

Has anyone else seen this before and can perhaps shed some light on what
is going on?

Thank you in advance

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