I have a workflow that allows managers to update user contact
information and account expiration date. The manager uses a form to
update data. An entity activity modifies the user object. This works
fine as long as loginExpirationTime is not included in the entity
activity. Once it is included, I can modify the expiration date and
nothing else. In the form, I use a date picker control. It allows me
to change the date and I can see it is changed in the IDV. If I attempt
to change a phone number or initial, it is removed from the user object
rather than changed. If the attribute is empty, the new value is not
added, but the date changes work properly. If I remove
loginExpirationTime from the entity activity, I can modify the other
contact information as expected.

I get no workflow errors. I added a log to view the date format. I see
this: 20141201130000000-0700. Server.log also does not show any

I've also tried separating the loginExpirationTime modification into a
separate entity activity. It did not help. If an update to that
attribute exists in the workflow, all my other updates fail. In the
DAL, loginExpirationTime is defined as time with a format of DateTime.

User App shows as -
Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.0.2
Build Revision 38382

I'm out of ideas. I'm hoping someone else has a few.

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