We're migrating from IDM 3.6 - UserApp 3.7 to IDM / UserApp 4.0.2.

IDM migration is quite clear and we can have a mixed environment with
the IDM 3.6 servers and the new IDM 4.0.2 servers.

But the User App migration is not so clear specially regarding the User
App driver and the database (altough I have read a lot of documentation
and forum posts).

Is there any way to make a phased migration in which we install and
configure the 4.0.2 servers while the 3.7 servers are working? We have
done some tests and the installation / configuration of the 4.0.2 and
their patches is very long and it would involve too much downtime.

The supposed steps for the migration are:

a) Install the OS and the application server : OK, there is no downtime
at this moment.
b) Migrate the User Application driver and the Role and Resource Service
Driver: Is there downtime? That is, the upgraded drivers works with the
3.7 User App servers?
c) Upgrade the User Application: Is there downtime? It's to say, if we
reuse the existing database, the 3.7 User App servers continue working
with the upgraded database?

Any recommendation from people who has made the migraton in an
environment with serveral User App servers (cluster) and a lot of



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