I'm upgrading an 3.6 IDM solution to 4.0.2 and were installing a new
SLES 11 SP3 for the UA server. The migration guide only covers migrating
to UA 4.0.2 on you current UA server, but we would like to install a new
server. Is there any way to import the pending workflows to the new
MySQL database? Is it a simple import or is there more to it?

First we wanted to migrate to a Postgres database, but I think it is
easier if you go from MySQL to MySQL? MySQL is supported in IDM 4.0.2
I've read. The customer has many ongoing workflows and they have to be
migrated aswell. This is not covered or I can't find anything about
ongoing workflow migration.

I know I have an old post on this in the archives, but now it is finally
time to do it in production, so I just want to know if it is easier when
going from MySQL to MySQL.

Thanks in advance,


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