Currently using 4.0.2 User Application.

Testing the workflow in Chrome 35.0.1916.153 (Working on downloading
other browsers currently)

I have a picklist with the following settings enabled:

multi-valued: true
Allow multiple selections (true/false): true
Show 2 lists: true

I have an onchange function the delivers a form.alert() message for
debugging purposes.

I would expect that the onchange function should only fire when a
selection is made on either side AND the opposite > or < button is
pressed (moving the entry to the other side). However, whenever I
high-light an option in the left-hand box, it fires the onchange event.
Mind you, I haven't changed anything and the field.getValue/s()
functions still only return the data present in the right-hand side.
Has anyone else experienced this behavior? If so, was there a simple
fix to get around it?

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