Hi guys,

Product : IDM 4.0.2
UserApp : Yes
Reporting Module : Yes

So, currently we have a complete idm solution, using both userApp and
Reporting Module(Patch E). We have total of 7 reports, 5 of them are
gathering data from the public schema of the EAS postgres db. the
another 2 is using views from idm_rpt_cfg schema.

Based on previous experience, it has been noted that those table under
public schema is already harden for 3 months purge. This issue we
already have our own work around.

Now the current question is can we set our custom retention period for
those tables under idm_rpt_data? Since my report are pulling data from
views under idm_rpt_cfg, which this views are pulling data from tables
under idm_rpt_data schema(under SIEM db of course). If canis there any
is the maximum rentention period that can be set?

Note: from Identity Reporting Module Guide,Identity Manager 4.0.2, it
say that the table idmrpt_dc_service_cfg_v will show the Contains
information about the reporting data collection service configuration.
this view is pointing to the table idmrpt_dc_service_cfg. I have not
done any changes to this tables yet, awaiting any approval

Current settings:

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