NetIQ IDM 4.0.2 UserApp AE. / JBOSS / ORACLE db

I want to enable SSL for Https communication on my userapp
installation. the certificates that I have are type wildcard ssl certs
which I have received from my organization to use with userapp.

I have not personally generated .CSR for these certs but got only ssl
certs to use with userapp. so far, I have done the following:

1. Created new ssl java keystore : keytool -genkey -alias userapp
-keyalg RSA -keystore userapp.jks -validity 3650 -keysize 2048 (
first,last names were provided as *

2. Imported the root cert into my keystore : keytool -import
-trustcacerts -alias root -keystore userapp.jks -file root_bundle.cer (

3. When attempting to import *.(wildcard) site certificate (keytool
-import -alias userapp -keystore userapp.jks -file sitecert.cer) , i get
the error : (keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Public keys in reply
and keystore don't match) ...

what i know is that .CSR for these certs were generated through another
installation openssl(to use with Apache) web servers.

the question is:

How can i use these existing organization *.wildcard ssl certificates
with userapp without generating its own CSR to use with userapp? or do
we have to generate new CSR and buy a separate SSL cert just for


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