I am using the following globalquery (called userLookup) to populate a
pick list in a form:

var u = IDVault.globalQuery(null, "userLookup", {"legalfirstname":fn,
"legallastname":ln, "fac":fac});

The variables, fn and ln are either *(wildcard) or a user entered
string with *(wildcard) added to the end. fac is either *(wildcard) or
a valid string selected from a pick list.

If fn or ln = *(wildcard) with nothing in front of it, the query returns
nothing. If fac = *(wildcard) the query works properly. The query uses
the equal operator, not starts with or contains. Any ideas on why
*(wildcard) doesnt work for the name attributes fn and ln?

Example: If fn = P* and ln=T* and fac=*, it works. If fn=*, ln=T* and
fac=*, it returns nothing. The same ldap query returns hundreds of

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