I'm trying to add a portlet, specifically the ChallengeResponse portlet,
to either a shared page that I can call from a container page or
directly into the container page. ChallengeResponse is not available in
"Available Content" under "Select Content". Is there a way to add new
portlets to the "Available Content" list?

I've also noticed that there is something different about all of the
Password Management portlets. If I go to a direct url to the portlet,
like http://myappserver:8080/IDMProv/portal/pg/MyProfile, I see the
content of the Detail portlet. If I go to
http://myappserver:8080/IDMProv/port...llengeResponse, I get a
blank page loaded. Looking at the page source, there's code there, but
nothing displays.

My basic intent is to hide the old user app interface from the new Home
one. I have a workflow for password changes but nothing for challenge
response. This is the only piece of the old interface left that I cannot
hide. I was hoping to just call the portlet directly, like when a new
user first logs in and has to answer the challenge questions. I just
can't get the portlet to display anything unless I go directly to the
Identity Self Service tab in the old interface.

Does anyone know a way to add the portlet directly to a shared or
container page or get the portlet to display at

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