I did a workflow to provisioning AD accounts, and I use a form to
collect data of the recipient, I designed the workflow to use a DNLookup
to search the recipient and fill the data form with fullname,
businessUnit and Title, I used a script "onchange" to do that.

What I did in the designer.

- Create all Entities
- Design the workflow
- Add trustees entienes
- class: User (View, Edit, Create, Remove)
- attribute : FullName (require, enable, edit, read, view)
- attribute : CN (Enable, Edit, Read, View, multivalue)
- attribute : BusinessUnit (require, enable, edit, read, view)
- attribute : Title (require, enable, edit, read, view)
- attribute : GivenName (require, search, enable, edit, read, view)
- attribute ; Surname (require, search, enable, edit, read, view)
- Add trustees workflow

In the workflow's form I have this fields.

initiator - dn - DNDisplay
recipient - string - Text
recipientSearch - string - DNLookup
fullName - string - Text
businessUnit - string - Text
title - string - Text

This is the function "onchange"

function PersonDetails() {

var strDNuser ="";
var strfullName ="";
var DNrecipient ="";

try {

strDNuser = form.getValues("recipientSearch").toString();

if (strDNuser == ""){

} else {

strRecipient = strDNuser;
form.alert("The DN user: "+strDNuser);

//Define DN recepient


strfullName = IDVault.get(null, strDNUser , 'BancolombiaEntities',
form.alert("The full name is: "+strfullName);

return 0;

catch(error) {
form.showDebugMsg(" We have an error:" + error);
return -1;


The test case:

- Start a workflow
- Search the recipient (it's working)
- Get the DN recipient on alert ( it's working)
- Get the fullname's recipient (it fails)

I get in the form this message: "We have an error: [object error]"

The real question is... How I can get the value of fullName from
IDMVault? Does it need something special configuration?

I tried almost everything and I can't find the error, Thanks in

Best Regards

Vctor Nava

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