I have a customer who's Linux group refuses to allow root-level access
whether directly or via 'sudu su' and is telling us that we need to list
out every command we'd need to run with root-level permission. All of
this means that running any IDM components on Linux at this customer is
a huge pain and causes many delays as we go back-and-forth with the
Linux team. However, The Windows server team has no real problem
allowing us local administrator access to solution servers for
installation and maintenance. Primary because of this, nearly all the
IDM servers are Windows (2008) which is working very well. However, they
have a need for HPD/IDM Home which means we're stuck going back to the
massive headaches of running on Linux in this environment.
Will IDM 4.5 finally support HPD on Windows? If not, when is this
expected to come about? On that same topic - what about EAS? My Windows
customers are not happy about the need to implement servers which they
cannot support, especially in a product set which touts "platform
choice" which is frequently a reason they selected it.

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