Our RBPM is configured such that when a user is assigned to a role,
he/she will also be assigned to the resources under that role.
We have about 1000 users that is assigned to the role.
However, we encounter an inconsistency in the data.

For example,
Resource A and resource B is configured under role A.
User A is assigned to role A.
When we check the user attribute: nrfassignedroles and nrfresources, we
could only see "role A" in nrfassignedroles attribute and "resource A"
in nrfresources attribute. IE. user is assigned to resource A instead of
resource A and B.

There is obviously a data inconsistency. Why does it occur?
Is there any way to do a batch clean up of the 1000 users instead of
going through each user to clean up manually by re-assigning the role?

Thank you

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