I've been requested to require users to "check a box" to agree to our
user agreement and set a timestamp for it whenever the user changes
their password. I tried writing a PRD to use instead of the Change
Password portlet, but I can't get around reading nspmPasswordHistory to
verify the new password is unique.

Where I'm at now is upgrading the user app to Home and replacing the
Password category with a workflow to handle the check box and timestamp,
then kicking the user over to the Change Password portlet. However, I
can't figure out how to call the portlet from a workflow. Does anyone
know if this is possible? Calling the url for the portlet on clicking
Submit seems like it should be doable. I'm probably over-thinking this,
but I'm at a loss on how to send the user to the portlet on Submit
rather than back to the Home dashboard.

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