Is it possible to somehow display the list of entitlement values in a
dropdown on a prd request form?

I've already created the entitlement and the resource, and if I "assign"
the resource I get asked to pick which group I'd like to assign. That's
great, except I've been asked to not confuse users by having them click
"make a request" for some things, "assign a resource" for other things
and "assign a role" for yet other other things.

Basically, I would like to have the end user be able to click "Make a
process request" and then pick a PRD called "Request access to a group
in XXX domain". They would then be presented with a form that asks the
reason for the request, and has the available groups listed in the
dropdown. Once the user makes a selection, the CN of the resource is
stuffed in a variable.

Assuming the workflow results in an approval, I would then use the
Resource Request activity to grant the resource.

I already do this with static roles and resources without issue... I'm
just a bit hung up on how to do the query at and populate the dropdown
for dynamic valued resources.

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