I want to install the User Application in clustering mode, but no matter
what I do the installer (IdmUserApp.jar) always defaults to 'DEFAULT'.
Any ideas? Details are below.

Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition (VM)
IDM 4.0.2 Standard edition install, for User Application. Not RBPM,
its the IDM.war install.

I wanted to install User Application, clustered. According to the
installation documentation, selecting ALL in the installed (radio
button) will install the clustered version.

I DID NOT use the integrated installer, as that fails miserably on
Windows! I first installed PostgreSQL, and then I installed JBoss and
then followed that up with the User Application' (IdmUserApp.jar)
install. You know, the java -jar IdmUserApp.jar thing.

Well, anyway, I selected the ALL option (instead of the DEFAULT
option; that will give you non-clustered), and EVERY TIME the installer
gets to the end where the summary is, it says DEFAULT, and continues
to install the default install.

Basically, it just copies the default directory from the base JBOSS
install, updates a few XML files and overlays the IDM.war in the deploy

I really wanted it to do as I said, and copy the all directory (which
includes the clustering configuration) and then do the overlay. But the
install ALWAYS insists on defaulting to default install INSTEAD of doing
what I asked and doing the all install.



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