Hi! There,

In order to avoid the out of memory issue, we decide to set the search
user limit in DAL.
There are two places to set the limits: one is in the entity itself, set
the Max Search Entries to 200, the other one is inteh Queries, also set
Max Search Entries to the same value or leave it blank.
However, once I set the search limit in either/both places, I got the
exception as follows:
[com.novell.srvprv.impl.servlet.service.GlobalQuery :execute] The number
of results found exceeds the search size limit. Please narrow the scope
of the search.

The call method is:
var sDNs = IDVault.globalQuery(null, "qrySearchUserByEmail",

The error in the workflow is that sDNs is "TypeError: sDNs is

Any issue about the error?



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